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*Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, Swinburne University of Technology

Honours Degree in Psychology, Deakin University.

Hey, I'm Rachel

I’m from Australia originally but am making Canada home for the next life chapter. I’ve always loved talking with people and making connections everywhere I go. I honestly believe that people are the most precious resource that we have. 

That’s a big part of why I went to University in Australia to study Psychology and Human Behaviour*. From there, I used these studies in different work settings including prisons, schools, not-for-profit organisations and rehabilitation centres. The people I worked with came from diverse backgrounds, cultures, life outlooks and had a huge range of different issues they were working through. 

The link that I found through all these experiences was that every single person benefited from simply talking to someone.

Many existing mental health support systems can present barriers to a lot of everyday people including the big price tag and the academic jargon.

That is why I decided to create this platform for everyone and anyone who needs it, to find out just how much good we can really do When We Talk.

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what we're all about

When We talk aims to create an accessible form of mental health support that is not only based on research evidence but also based on real human experience.

inclusive for all

We aim to make our resources relatable and easy to understand. Every issue is valid and important and every person should have access to real help that applies to them and their situation.

accurate and helpful

We are here to provide mental health support that is backed by accredited academic research as well as applied industry experience.


We believe that everyone should have access to mental health education and support, without the huge cost and will work with people to find a plan that works for them.

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