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feeling stupid? a guide to your emotions 
looking for something on Netflix?
why not try yoga for your mental heatlh

Have you ever been involved in conversations with others and found yourself feeling stupid and insecure. Everyone has felt this at least once in their life and the good news is, just because you FEEL stupid, doesnt mean you are actually stupid. 

Written by the wonderful DiveThru team, talking about all things feeling stupid, why this shitty emotion affects your mental wellbeing, and how to cope.

Endlessly scrolling Netflix, looking for something to watch? 

Type in "Headspace Guide to Meditation". Former Buddhist monk and co-founder Andy will take you through the benefits and science behind meditation. Each of the eight animated episodes will teach you a new meditation technique. 

Wanna go one better than just watching, give the techniques a try, and jump-start your practice. 

Feeling stressed or anxious? 

Why not try yoga as a tool to help you move all that energy into a better place. 

Yoga with Adriene is good for beginners or those with more experience. 

Give it a go and see if it is for you.